• No More Wagmi Days of Ugly Ape JPEGs

    Remember the wild days when everyone was shouting “WAGMI” (We’re All Gonna Make It) and ugly ape JPEGs were selling for astronomical prices? It felt like tulip fever all over again. Those days are long gone, my friend. NFTs had their moment in the sun, but now it looks like their 15 minutes of fame are over. Let me break it down for you.

  • Dude, NFTs Are Dead

    Remember when NFTs were all the rage? It felt like everyone was talking about them, and people were spending crazy amounts of money on digital art and collectibles. But dude, the NFT craze is over. They’re dead. Let me tell you why.

  • Mint Blockchain Secures $5 Million Seed Funding for NFT Infrastructure Development

    Mint Blockchain, the Ethereum L2 network tailored for the NFT industry, has successfully completed a US$5 million seed funding round. The investment was supported by notable participants, including Jsquare, SNZ Capital, Antalpha Ventures, Mask Network, BlockAI Ventures, Predator Capital, GoPlus, Whitelist Ventures, PANONY Group, and individual investors Victor, founder of Smart Token Labs, and Mike, founder of GoPlus. This funding will be utilized for Mint Blockchain’s global market brand building and the development of its NFT infrastructure.

  • a16z Ramps Up Political Influence with $25 Million Donation to Crypto Super PAC Fairshake

    Andreessen Horowitz, commonly known as a16z, is making significant waves in the political landscape with its recent decision to bolster its contributions to Fairshake, a crypto-focused super PAC, by an additional $25 million. This move signifies the firm’s strategic commitment to shaping policy and regulatory frameworks in favor of the burgeoning cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.

  • Taiko Raises US$37M from Top-tier VCs Ahead Of Mainnet Launch


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