Mint Blockchain, the Ethereum L2 network tailored for the NFT industry, has successfully completed a US$5 million seed funding round. The investment was supported by notable participants, including Jsquare, SNZ Capital, Antalpha Ventures, Mask Network, BlockAI Ventures, Predator Capital, GoPlus, Whitelist Ventures, PANONY Group, and individual investors Victor, founder of Smart Token Labs, and Mike, founder of GoPlus. This funding will be utilized for Mint Blockchain’s global market brand building and the development of its NFT infrastructure.

In addition to the successful seed round, Mint Blockchain launched its mainnet in May 2024. The network currently boasts over 400,000 active users worldwide and supports more than 80 applications. Mint Blockchain is an Ethereum L2 network jointly developed by NFTScan Labs and the MintCore developer team.

Built on the OP Stack, the open-source development stack maintained by the Optimism Collective, Mint Blockchain is EVM-compatible and a true Ethereum L2 network. This compatibility allows developers within the Ethereum ecosystem to seamlessly extend their projects to Mint Blockchain, providing a scalable solution that significantly reduces gas fees for on-chain interactions.

Mint Blockchain is a member of the OP Superchain and a strategic partner of the Optimism Foundation in the Asia-Pacific region. Designed with NFT assets and their holders in mind, it offers Web3 developers comprehensive infrastructure services, including NFT asset issuance, trading, indexing, storage, and more. The team behind Mint Blockchain is dedicated to advancing the decentralization of the network, ensuring a safe and stable environment for all users and builders.

From innovative incentives related to the NFT assets of underlying protocol standards to NFT issuance, transactions, settlements, metadata storage, and decentralized indexing of NFT asset data, Mint Blockchain aims to become the most distinctive Ethereum L2. It is uniquely positioned to provide Web3 developers with the robust NFT development tools and infrastructure they need to elevate their applications to the next level.